domingo, setembro 16, 2012

Do aborto ao infantícidio é só um pulinho...

Exagero? Então leiam esta notícia que me foi enviada em Agosto por um credenciado cirurgião da nossa praça...:

Journal of Medical Ethics Special issue on infanticide ..........( obviously for ultra-fresh pediatric organ procurement )



A Washington Post blog has announced that the editor of the Journal of Medical Ethics, Prof. Julian Savulescu, is preparing a special issue on infanticide


This follows the world-wide controversy over the Journal of Medical Ethics 's February 23 2012 article, 

After-birth abortion: why should the baby live?”, 

by two Italian ethicists working in Australia who argued that infanticide is morally permissible  

( obviously................for ultra-fresh pediatric organ procurement since pre-birth abortions do not procure organs for transplantation ).

One contribution of the special issue will be to demonstrate that infanticide is not a novel notion


Quite a number of serious bioethicists who have defended it over the past 40 years, will contribute, including Savulescu of Oxford University , Peter Singer of Princeton University , Michael Tooley, and Jeff McMahon.

However, the author of the blog post, Charles C. Camosy, of Fordham University, in New York, says that Savulecu is also inviting several well-known pro-life opponents to contribute. Camosy is one of them. Others include Robert P. George, of Princeton, and John Finnis, of Oxford

Stay tuned! 

When the special issue appears, the JME will no doubt become one of the most talked-about ethics journals on the planet. 

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